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Such certainly happens occasionally to maps (see Dates) but most of the possible 'fakes' listed here are either wholly genuine or entirely false.The term applies almost exclusively to manuscript maps and other hand-made objects. In some cases - and the Vinland Map is the best example - the arguments have continued for decades.

Another concoction [described in October 2008] is a version of the Janssonius map of Nova Anglia, variously and implausibly dated 15, and made up of decorative elements plundered from different sources.

This 'Fakes, Forgeries and Facsimiles' section is trying to record different points of view, not analyse arguments or judge between them.

Nor is it concerned with the accuracy of the map's content, i.e.

Post suggested the concern should be with maps that 'pretended to be what they are not, with the intent to deceive'.

Those who have never closely examined an original engraving are sometimes taken in by obvious copies.

Nor is there a precise match between the definitions offered by the Oxford English Dictionary and the various categories of cartographic deception.

FAKES The OED suggests "to tamper with, for the purpose of deception", which implies the alteration of an existing document.deceptive information, or the 'maps that lie' aspect of the history of cartography.Confusingly, the following terms are often used interchangeably.In the 1940s and 50s he produced almost 50 'antique' maps, augmented with coats of arms and genre scenes.For further information about Daniel and his son and successor Pierre, as well as technical notes on the printing method, see the new website, selecting, in the English version, 'Ancient and historical maps' and 'About us'.In the context of the history of cartography such real or suspected fakes are far more important than the forgeries of printed maps.