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Cyrus gives this whole speech about, 'There's so many reasons why this will not work', and one of them is Olivia is not of a hue of her skin that the Republican party is going to get behind."I think Fitz takes a very different point of view - at the end of season two you'll see I make an argument that actually it's the greatest thing for the Republican party ever, that it's what they would want and need and if handled properly they will embrace it with joy and relief, because the Republican party is looking for a way to come out of the sort of cliche of the right-wing that they've been entrapped in."So I think the answer is yes - I think it's an issue of circumstance and time. She's a very successful film production designer, so these aren't the first love scenes that I've done in my career! Fitz is determined to be with Olivia and in season two he maintains that position for a lot of it.

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He also did Broadway shows at Circle in the Square Theatre, Promises starring Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth.

Obsessive, compulsive love affairs are just like that, where you repeat the same thing.

It’s crazy and toxic and perfect and horrible,” he says.

Tony stars in the show as President Fitz, and he recently spoke with reporters about Fitz and Olivia, feeling sorry for Mellie and more. 'Scandal' exec Betsy Beers Q&A part two: Cliffhangers, sex & sweaters What's your relationship with Kerry Washington like? She works harder than any of us and always has just such grace and never complains about her long, however many hours she's working. "Yeah I do, of course I do."Even though they seem quite bad for each other at times?

But she also is an extraordinarily generous and warm and kind and brilliant woman."And she's an incredibly hard worker, and so as our sort of team leader she's been just wonderful.

We're good friends and we love working together and she teases me a lot, but that's fun. She's obviously an incredible talent and someone I really wanted to work with, so I was really glad for this opportunity. if things had been different."If maybe they'd just met in a restaurant and hadn't had these jobs.

She's really having a huge moment in her career right now, which is great, but it's a lot and she's pulled in many, many different directions and she's just very graceful and lovely all the time."What about Fitz and Olivia though? Since then they have two children named Anna Musky Tess and Frances Goldwyn.There were rumors of Goldwyn dating his co-star Huma Abedin when he was seen frolicking around with her and her child at Disneyland in March 2017, however, his wife, Jane Musky, laughed it off saying they're all just good friends. In addition to being just entertaining, it's also really smart and provocative in a lot of ways."In terms of the success in season two, I think a lot of that had to do with social media. But at the same time, she's a tragic figure because there's great beauty and she's lovely in other ways. She's someone who's been denied that herself, and she hungers too much for it."She really is a Lady Macbeth-type character.He is very well known for his portrayal of Carl Bruner, a friend turned-betrayer to Patrick Swayze's character Sa Wheat in the movie .

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