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Moving between the electronic news coverage of the incident and testimonies of her parents and other people from her village, the film investigates the claims of the police.Sexual violence, the attempt to suppress the truth of meena’s murder and the impunity of the culprits gradually comes to light.

The people from rewali village of which Budhri and Bhima were residents called the local leaders and media to investigate this incident and bring out the unprecedented violence that adivasis living in the area have to face regularly.

The troop is the vanguard in redefining the identity of people who are battered by senseless incorrectness through centuries.

The downtown Kerala band rekindles the sense of sanity for all with a massage of love and harmony.

In astonishing scenes we watch the Jamaat meetings, where women often shout over each other about the most difficult facets of their personal lives.

Above all, the women’s Jamaat exists to hold their male counterparts and local police to account, and to reform a profoundly corrupt system which allows men to take refuge in the most extreme interpretation of the Qur’an to justify violence towards women.

Interaction Guest lecture, poetry and songs Day 2, 27 October; Friday 10 am Our Metropolis Dir : Gautam Sonti & Usha Rao; 87 min; Documentary; Kannada, Hindi, English; 2014 Bangalore is being refashioned as a ‘world-class’ metropolis.

Livelihoods and homes make way for flyovers, glitzy malls and a shiny Metro.

Dear friends, Greetings from Bangalore Film Society! And her life story has become the history of Karnataka’s fight against right-wing communal forces.

Bangalore Film Society in collaboration with Marupakkam and SIEDS-Bangalore invites you to Social Justice Film Festival from Thursday 26th to Saturday 28 Time: am to pm Address: No.33/1-9, IVth Cross, Thyagaraju Layout, Jaibharath Nagar, M. Interaction Lunch break Nuclear Hallucinations Dir: N.

He has been on the run from his family and sports fraternity since failing ‘sex test’ before the Bangkok Asian Games, 1998.

A born intersex, raised by poor, illiterate and confused parents as a girl named ‘Bandana’, s/he became one of the finest strikers of Indian Woman’s football team in her/his short career.

Threatened with violent transformation of their city, residents confront the authorities.

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    At the Tokyo Motor Show, the company showed off a new dent-proof car, Flesby II – and, the outside of the vehicle is covered in undulating airbags.