Nick stahl dating

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Nick stahl dating

The next thing she knew, she awakened to find herself in her apartment covered in Fisher's blood, staring at his corpse in front of her as she held bloody knife in her hand.The police kicked in her apartment door and arrested her as she pleaded that she did not commit the crime.

She told them her side of the story and Murdock told her that he believed her story and they agreed to take on the case.

, the daughter of Paxton and Penelope Page and the older sister of Kevin Page.

Later the Hand also kidnapped Page and she was rescued by Daredevil before Murdock revealed to her that he was Daredevil.

She was unsurprisingly hired without any questions. Arriving at Josie's Bar and having a drink, Page was convinced to discuss why she did not want to go home; for days, she has attempted to get Daniel Fisher's blood out her carpet and cannot.

Days later, Page stayed late at Nelson and Murdock unpacking when she heard Foggy Nelson singing horribly. She said that lately, all she can see are the threats and dangers around her.

Once there and convinced that she was safe with them, Page told the lawyers how she obtained the financial records and her confrontation with her boss, although she confessed that she had not considered the consequences of her actions at the time.

Page broke down crying as she began speaking about the death of Daniel Fisher, as she felt personally responsible for the death of such a kind man.Fearing for her life, Page requested to return to her apartment, but Foggy Nelson convinced her that it was a bad idea and Matt Murdock offered his apartment for her to spend the night.At Matt Murdock's Apartment, Page was given a change of clothes, as hers had gotten wet in a rain storm, and a beverage. Look in the mirror and see yourself for what you truly are. When Nelson and Murdock fell apart, Page joined the New York Bulletin with the intention of writing Castle's true story, however during her investigation she was kidnapped by Ray Schoonover and saved by Castle. While working for Nelson and Murdock, Page came into contact with Frank Castle, who she helped defend in court.Page watched as the fight became so intense that the two fell from her window to the street.

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