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I don't believe insurance would have prevented the shootings in Las Vegas.

It will purge the gangsters and the insecure whites who need a pistol around their waist to feel safe.While I give you an "A" for effort, the idea of mandating insurance would create more hoops to jump through for law abiding citizens while the criminals will continue to buy guns from Jim Bob in the alley without any insurance required for purchase.It is a half hearted idea to address the problem, and I don't believe it will do anything to stop these domestic terrorist acts.Thank you for the very kind comments on my books, but what I'd REALLY like to see come of this event is an active, sustained effort to make both the anti-White Attorney General of West Virginia, Patrick Morrisey, aware of our collective displeasure, as well as the controlled media.The anti-White carpetbagger who fired a woman for opposing genocide.the ideology of the left is not an ideology at all.

it is a path towards our extermination."malice intentions of its creators" Explain to me this malice "intentions of its creators" that Carrie mentions.Did you just call what I said "half-hearted", and then propose increased mental health awareness?Please expand on what creating "..more awareness on mental health issues" looks like and how it works. The pains it takes to get a firearm and keep a firearm are extreme but also work to the extreme.I have several subdivisions out there where the initial plats have been recorded with different (generally more stringent) setback requirements than what the zoning district demands.These maps are always signed by the Planning Board so I can safely assume it went through the Planning Board for review.His twitter account: @Morrisey WV On facebook: Patrick Morrisey | Facebook Phone: 304-558-2021. The lady who was fired was targeted because she DARED to ask the questions in an open forum.