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I would not have considered myself to be a Big Band fan …

I have gone to the show the last 3 years in a row and it’s always packed. Today I enjoyed the concert in Sagamihara Japan with my daughter who is 14 years old. However I did bring the two neighbor ladies with me that just had a blast.

The new band members are already so tight with the arrangements, it was wonderful. Also, a special thanks for mentioning my wife Betty and I along with my old USAF crew. The GMO truly IS America, the way all of us remember it. Have a great time at Naval Aviation Museum tonight. GMO should also be able to find some wonderful venues along northern California into Oregon on Hwy 101. The orchestra performs this music 15 times a month, but each night is new for the audience.

Thanks for keeping the greatest music on earth alive and well. the tickets were bought more with my mother and husband in mind. Thank you for the awesome music, musicians and singers. Would love to see GMO in Brookings Oregon, first city in Oregon on Hwy 101 with a beatiful outdoor venue. My wife found the concert date listed in the AJC near us and we went on her 31st birthday. Really great music and singing, but have to give special kudos to Nick Hilscher for directing enthusiasm.

Geothermal energy, as natural steam and hot water, has been exploited for decades to generate electricity, and both in space heating and industrial processes.

The geothermal electrical installed capacity in the world is 7974 MW (year 2000), and the electrical energy generated is 49.3 billion k Wh/year, representing 0.3 % of the world total electrical energy which was 15,342 billion k Wh in 2000.

It is the second time for her from the last year, and she is saying that she wants to hear again next year. Please keep coming back we just love big band and GMO!!

Third year in a row my wife and I attended and as always the evening was fantastic.

I am here with my family and my dad in particular who played with the Glenn Miller band during the war. I guess you could say, the wife and I LOVE the sound of Glenn Miller.

Thank YOU Nick so much for your energy and incredible performances.

It also shows the location of geothermal fields on specific areas of the Earth.

The Earth’s heat flow and geothermal gradient are defined, as well as the types of geothermal fields, the geologic environment of geothermal energy, and the methods of exploration for geothermal resources including drilling and resource assessment.

In developing countries, where total installed electrical power is still low, geothermal energy can play a significant role: in the Philippines 21% of electricity comes from geothermal steam, 20% in El Salvador, 17% in Nicaragua, 10% in Costa Rica and 8% in Kenya.

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