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I'm guessing that my desk probably supports the entire planetary installed digital media volume of 1980.(I'm looking at about 10Tb of disks ...) There's a good chance that anything that happens in front of a camera, and anything that transits the internet, will be preserved digitally into the indefinite future, for however long some major state or corporate institution considers it of interest.

It turns out that facial recognition neural networks can be trained to accurately recognize pain!Data storage was prodigiously expensive and mass communication networks were centralized and costly to run — it wasn't practical for amateurs to set up a decentralized, end-to-end encrypted shadow network tunnelling over the public phone system, or to run private anonymous blogs in the classified columns of newspapers.He was also writing in the age of mass-mobilization of labour and intercontinental warfare.The researchers were doubtless thinking of clinical medical applications — doctors are bad at objectively evaluating patients' expressions of pain and patients often don't self-evaluate effectively — but just think how much use this technology might be to a regime bent of using torture as a tool of social repression (like, oh, Egypt or Syria today).They also appear to be better than human beings at evaluating sexual orientation of a subject, which might be of interest in President Pence's Republic of Gilead, or Chechnya, or Iran.(There's still a are really good at reinforcing the prejudices of their programmers, and embedding them in hardware.

Here's a racist hand dryer — it's proximity sensor simply doesn't work on dark skin!

We've all seen video of mass demonstrations over the past year.

A paper to be presented at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops (ICCVW) introduces a deep-learning algorithm that can identify an individual even when part of their face is obscured.

Limned in the backdrop to is a world where atom bombs have been used in warfare and are no longer used by the great powers, by tacit agreement.

Instead, we see soldiers and machine-guns and refugees and the presentation of inevitable border wars and genocides between the three giant power blocs. What we have today is a vision of disrupted by a torrent of data storage.

The system was able to correctly identify a person concealed by a scarf 67 percent of the time against a "complex" background.