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The following day 1 RAR was deployed to defend FSB Coral, while 3 RAR established FSB Coogee to the west to ambush staging areas and infiltration routes.

See full summary » An award-winning documentary about Rohani, an 80-year-old hunter who dives on a single breath descending to great depths for several minutes.Again the base was penetrated but after a six-hour battle the North Vietnamese were forced to withdraw after suffering heavy losses.Expecting further fighting, the Australians were subsequently reinforced with Centurion tanks and additional artillery.Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate.A team of divers, photographers and scientists set out on a thrilling ocean adventure to discover why and to reveal the underwater mystery to the world.On 22 May, FSB Coral was again attacked overnight, coming under a short but accurate mortar bombardment which was broken up by Australian artillery and mortars.

The Australians then moved against the communist base areas east of Route 16, with 3 RAR redeploying to establish FSB Balmoral on 24 May, 4.5 kilometres (2.8 mi) to the north.

While it doesn't go into ocean acidification, that is where I'd challenge the viewer to explore next.

It's not a counter theory, but rather the two are interrelated.

However, poor reconnaissance and inadequate operational planning led to delays and confusion during the fly-in, and the Australians had only partially completed FSB Coral by the evening.

The North Vietnamese mounted a number of battalion-sized assaults on the night of 12/13 May, with a heavy bombardment from signalling the start.

During three days of intense fighting the attacks were repelled by US and South Vietnamese forces, and although another attack was launched by the Viet Cong several days later, the offensive was again defeated with significant losses on both sides, causing extensive damage to Saigon and many civilian casualties.

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