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The repetitions to me are boring, but some evidently like them.There is a lot of time wasted in the original watching people dancing, hearing minor characters blather at the mouth or quarrel, seeing repeated entradas (title screens, etc.).

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The album Tu deseo, on which she sang with her then partner Mario Cimarro, was released in 2009.The producer, Telemundo (a Spanish language TV network) airs telenovelas with both English & Spanish captions, which can be selected on one's TV set (monitor).If you activate Spanish captions, then the Spanish words will be displayed over the English subtitles, both on the screen at the same time.This young man is employed as a chauffeur in the wealthy mans house, here he discovers the dark secrets of his widow now he must correct all the things he couldn't before he died.As with any Telenovela, the story is pretty wild, some of the characters are really wild and emotions run high. (This is a Telemundo production, after all.) And while some of the secondary characters are over the top, the main characters are well-played by talented actors.Imagina tenerlo todo, imagina encontrar el amor, imagina perderlo todo, imagina poder regresar…

esta es la historia de Pedro Jose Donoso (Andres Garcia), un hombre mayor de mucha fortuna quien consiguio todo lo que queria, incluyendo el amor de Isabel Arroyo (Lorena Rojas), una joven y hermosa mujer.

See full summary » After her fiancé Alonso leaves her at the alter, Valentina's life is turned upside down.

She becomes a different woman and her new attitude sends her to the family's hacienda. See full summary » Set in Acapulco, the love story of Marina, a beautiful, sweet young woman who works as a tourist boat driver.

See full summary » A killer, Analia is paid to kill a businesswoman, Mariana Montiel.

After the car they were in gets off the road and burns to flames, two doctors find the body of Mariana and a photo of the ...

Myself, I use 2 monitors side by side with a DVD player so that I can have English on one & Spanish on the other.

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