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Teetotalers of various kinds have a reputation for being self-righteous and judgmental, and sexual teetotalers have a remarkable track record of hypocrisy—not exactly spiritual virtues. If a man is really devoted to God, then abstinence is no problem. For the record, clergy who exploit their power and authority to molest children must be held accountable for their own behavior, and stopped.

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Catholic “pro-life” theologian Monica Miller recently earned herself a Facebook meme when she said that Planned Parenthood should get no federal funding because “the kind of sexual ethic that Planned Parenthood promotes is sex for recreation, sex for mere pleasure.” If Miller spent more time studying biology instead of theology, she might not have made herself a laughingstock. Masturbation is a very normal part of what it means to be a sexual being.

The Church may be willing to impose this financial cost on desperately poor families, but God forbid that the Vatican’s vast wealth and real estate holdings get dispersed to the children of clergy. Female consent is not a big deal: A virgin should be given in marriage by her father, a slut always wants it, and a married woman has no right to deny her husband his due.

Why have Christians and Christian-dominant cultures gotten mutuality and consent so wrong for so long?

Sexual intimacy and sexual pleasure are two of humanity’s most cherished experiences.

A recent study showed that sex makes people even happier than religion. It also knows that forbidding something we crave—making it taboo—can make the craving even stronger.

Imagine how different Christian history (and derivative modern cultures) would be if the Ten Commandments said, “Don’t have sex with anyone who doesn’t want to.” The fact that a modern man can’t trade his daughter for a goat, as happened in Old Testament times, does mean things are moving in the right direction, but that’s exactly why we need to keep talking about consent. Sex shouldn’t hurt, painful periods can be treated, childbirth doesn’t need to be hellish, and you are right to have dreams and aspirations. Taking responsibility doesn’t mean simply accepting your lot in life; it means and unmanaged fertility that make their future (and that of families) a crap shoot. Having sex under less than ideal circumstances is going to ruin your life as well as your afterlife and vagina because you reap what you sow.

Our cultural agreements and norms are in flux, and that garbles social signals: A father may not hover over his daughter, but that doesn’t mean her body is up for grabs. Virtually every adult has had sexual contact they regretted. Sometimes it messes with your head—and a really bad sexual encounter or relationship can do damage that needs healing.(See Point 3.) Or maybe it just threatened the power of patriarchal males who wanted to control female sex for the same reasons lions and chimps do. Unlike our Iron Age ancestors, we can enjoy sexual intimacy and still ensure that babies get born into families that are ready to welcome and care for them. God is cool with a clan of Semites deceiving and then killing all the men from another tribe because one is too interested in their sister. In fact, it’s thing, since only a girl with a pristine vagina could possibly be good enough bear the Son of God.Either way, it’s worth asking yourself which is the greater evil: 3. Abstinence till marriage was designed for the Iron Age, when our ancestors had no other way to manage their fertility and society was structured around paternal genealogies. So, it makes sense that Iron Age males came up with a model of marriage that treated a fertile female the way dog breeders treat a purebred bitch: Keep an eye on her till she’s sexually mature. It’s true that sex can be emotionally complicated, and sometimes abstaining is wise. If cleanliness is next to godliness, then what could possibly be less godly than cum or period blood and vaginal goo. Is that really where you want to look for guidance on anal sex or queer love? According to the Cult of the Pristine Vagina, your first sexual encounter changes you as radically and permanently as a grub’s metamorphosis into a dragonfly–only in reverse. The Catholic obsession with virginity has all manner of unintended consequences: Evangelical and Catholic youth, desperate to keep those vaginas immaculate, are turning to the lesser sin of Sodomy, hilariously spoofed in the Garfunkel and Oats song, “God’s Loophole.” In Quebec, most Catholic girls are given the middle name of Marie, in honor of a possibly mythic female who, we are told, was impregnated by God at age 13 without ever having done the nasty, and who has been known for at least 1,500 years as “The Blessed Virgin.” But what does the Virgin Birth Story say to our daughters about the relative value of their brains (or character) and their hymens? Sticking something in your vagina has about as much power to define you as sticking something in your ear. Women come in three models: Virgin, Madonna, and Whore; she’s a cherry ripe for the picking, a beatific mother, or a slut.It’s the perfect set-up for an institution trafficking in guilt and redemption.Most people, including most lay Catholics and many clergy, recognize that the senescent men running the Vatican hold some archaic and ignorant notions about sex.People also know that (mercifully) some toxic teachings have gone by the wayside.

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