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The handout also notes the goals of "leveling the playing field" for domestic companies, eliminating tax breaks for "special interests," and a one-time tax on funds held overseas.Finally, the only mention of estate or transfer taxes is the statement of the administration's desire to "[r]epeal the death tax." With respect to the process for tax reform, the plan noted that the Trump administration would hold "listening sessions with stakeholders" to receive their input and would continue working with the House and Senate to develop the details of a plan that can pass both chambers of Congress that "provides massive tax relief, creates jobs, and makes America more competitive." On May 23, the Trump administration issued a budget proposal entitled "Budget of the US Government—A New Foundation for American Greatness" for the 2018 fiscal year (Budget Proposal).

The maximum rate for estate, gift and GST taxes will remain at 40 percent.Moralité, disait tout à l’heure un participant de ce forum, si la Chine s’éveille en Afrique, il va falloir que les entreprises françaises, elles, se réveillent.The fourth quarter of 2017 concludes a unique year in the planning arena.Our firm continues to monitor the legislative proposals closely and to analyze their impact on our clients.In addition to the overarching issue of tax reform, there has been significant legislation, rulings and case law during 2017.Le but comme l’expliquait le ministre des Affaires étrangères Jean-Yves Le Drian, ce matin, c’est de faire travailler les synergies entre savoir-faire français et besoin du continent dans des domaines aussi variés que les infrastructures, le service bancaire, les TIC et ainsi que la formation professionnelle.

L’enjeu comme a poursuivi le vice-président ivoirien, Daniel Kablan Duncan, c’est de permettre aux entreprises tricolores de conserver une place privilégiée sur ce continent, une place qui s’érode quelque peu soulignait malicieusement le président.

The key points of his tax reform proposal have been business tax reform, such as lower corporate tax rates and a standard rate for pass-through business income to stimulate economic growth, and individual tax reform that would include a repeal of the estate tax.

On April 23, President Trump's administration released a one-page handout that broadly outlines the administration's tax proposal.

Les parts de marché de la France sur le continent africain sont en effet passées de 7% en 2005 à 4% en 2015.

Dans le même temps, l’emprise de la Chine par exemple sur ce même marché a augmenté de 6 points passant de 22 à 28%.

Some of the legislation and decisions have beneficial consequences for taxpayers and practitioners.