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From here, the trail grinds up to the eastern gorge rim along steep, knee-cracking switchbacks through a canopy marred by multiple wildfires.

On the grey lichen-covered cliffs that poke through the hills, routes ascend hundreds of feet yet somehow remain part of the forest, forming a canopy that traps moisture and dapples light sufficiently to propagate yet another, even thicker ground layer of rhododendron and laurel—beloved by nature photographers yet dreaded by climbers.Decision made: As we rig our ropes, two climbers emerge from the fog. A shrug of the shoulders and a delayed, noncommittal response reveals their objective: (5.11), put up rope solo in 2005 by Nathan Brown, a prolific first ascensionist.It turns out they’re from Asheville; soft-spoken and unassuming in their faded plaid shirts and tattered jackets, they ask if they can ride our ropes. The line ascends a direct, overhanging path up a striking arête, ultimately connecting to an older, wild Doug Sword 5.10 called is not a 5.15 media darling, it is an exposed, demanding climb that would be a proud tick on anyone’s list.Outside my home, the predawn air feels thick, moist, and windless, conditions NC climbers know well. Heat and humidity are easy to manage, but the dew point—that ephemeral moment when water vapor transforms back into liquid, rendering the rock surface more slip-n-slide than climbing medium—is not.Headlights approach, so it must be a.m.: Lee is never late. Two hours later, our muddy car parked at the end of the Wolf Pit dirt road, we reach the trailhead for Shortoff Mountain, the southern terminus of the Linville Gorge.But with time and sincere questions about the area, you can uncover a shimmering enthusiasm from the old guard.

They are quick to share twinkly-eyed accounts of favorite routes with near-photographic memory—describing a no.

Cities marked with an asterisk ("*") should resemble a city or town but do not have their own government (i.e.

Mayor, City Council, etc.) These places should be recognizable by the local community but their boundaries have no legal status.

5 Stopper that should be placed with the curve facing left, or using a 1980s rigid-stem Friend to protect a crux because the stiff lever action will improve the marginal horizontal placement.

It is invigorating to listen to harrowing stories, embellished or not, of homemade-hex anchors, bold runouts, and shots of liquid courage taken to steel the nerves on audacious first ascents.

Standout areas include Moore’s Wall, a 200-foot crag in the flat, central part of the state.

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