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And it’s just a few minutes away from Beaver Lake, a summertime party hangout for boaters and one of the better bass-fishing lakes in the Ozarks. A trip on the first Friday of the month lets you experience Art After Dark, a stroll through SLO’s finest galleries and performance spaces.Population: 46,730 In the state with a full 10th of the US population, finding one small city to call “best” is nearly impossible. Go in the summer and you’ll catch a free concert in the Spanish-colonial Mission Plaza.

You ditch work in New York, LA, or Chicago to go visit your buddies in New York, LA, or Chicago; come Sunday night, you’re exhausted, and why did blowing 0 a day on cocktails and sushi and cabs seem like the smart move? They’re ideal for young kids and retirees, two groups who favor the chiller things in life: short walks, sunny parks, uncrowded beaches, unhurried conversations.

But do you want to step out of your life for a couple of long, languid days?

Yeah, you definitely could stand to visit one of these gems.

With peaks great for skiing, mountain biking, or hiking -- picture the scenery from Quentin Tarantino’s because, well, it was filmed around T-Ride.

The town has blossomed into one of the best festival sites in the nation, with renowned events like the Bluegrass Festival and Telluride Film Festival.

It’s but a precursor to the charm of the Old City, where 18th- and 19th-century buildings remind us of a time when Florida was but a small southern outpost of the bigger colonies.

Now it's filled with bars and restaurants (many of which are rumored to be haunted) that make St.When you start itching for a punchier after-hours scene, the very-hip Flagstaff is less than an hour down the road.Population: 2,100 Perhaps no tiny town in America is more things to more people.Bikers love it as a stop along mountain backroads; hippies love it for its low-key California-transplant vibe.The town has passed some of Arkansas’ most progressive LGBTQ policies; it also contains the state’s two most famous Christian landmarks: a 66-foot-tall, arms-wide-open Jesus statue and architect E.Tracy’s is the outpost of a seafood processing company that plates the freshest king crabs in America.