Black college alumni dating

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In 1983, it established a Department of Asian Languages and Literatures, which was later to become the Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations.

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Williams alumni are fond of an apocryphal story ascribing the removal of books from the Williams College library to Amherst College, but there is no contemporaneous evidence to verify the story. Payne declared the story false, but many still nurture the legend.

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-ərst) is a private liberal arts college located in Amherst, Massachusetts, United States.

This parallel course focused less on Greek and Latin, instead focusing on English, French, Spanish, chemistry, economics, etc.

The parallel course did not take hold, however, until the next century.

Amherst was founded as a non-sectarian institution "for the classical education of indigent young men of piety and talents for the Christian ministry," (Tyler, A History of Amherst College).

One of the hallmarks of the new college was its Charity Fund, an early form of financial aid that paid the tuition of poorer students.

Amherst grew quickly, and for two years in the mid-1830s it was the second largest college in the United States, second only to Yale.

In 1835, Amherst attempted to create a course of study parallel to the classical liberal arts education.

Amherst's hoods are purple (Williams' official color) with a white stripe or chevron, said to signify that Amherst was born of Williams.

Amherst records one of the first uses of Latin honors of any American college, dating back to 1881.

The college was originally suggested as an alternative to Williams College, which was struggling to stay open.

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