Pc companion not updating

16-Mar-2020 01:50 by 4 Comments

Pc companion not updating

This week's news continues to be dominated by the industry-shaking Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

We discuss the validity of Wiki Leaks documents, the feasibility of rigorously proving software correctness, and the fact that nearly half a million people need to get their bodies' firmware updated.

and then we take a closer look at the rapidly growing threat of Io T-based "Flash Botnets."This week we examine ROCA's easily factorable public keys, the surprising prevalence of web-based cryptocurrency mining, some interesting work in i OS dialog password dialog spoofing, Google's Advanced Protection Program, some good "Loopback" comments from our listeners...

and then we take a close look at KRACK - the Key Reinstallation Atta CK against ALL unpatched Wi Fi systems.

Robot”; Win10’s insecure password manager mistake; when legacy protocol come back to bite us; how to bulk-steal any Chrome user’s entire stored password vault; and we finally know where and why the uber-potent Mirai botnet was created, and by whom.

We also have a bit of errata and some fun miscellany.

This week we discuss last Friday's passing of our dear friend and colleague Jerry Pournelle, when AI is turned to evil purpose, whether and when Google's Chrome browser will warn of man in the middle attacks, why Google is apparently attempting to patent pieces of a compression technology they did not invent, another horrifying router vulnerability disclosure -- including ten 0-day vulnerabilities, an update on the sunsetting of Symantec's CA business unit, another worrying failure at Comodo, a few quick bits, an update on my one commercial product Spin Rite, answering a closing the loop question from a listener, and a look at the Equifax fiasco.

Although there are an unbelievable FIVE “Sharknado” movies, this will be the first and last time we use that title for a podcast!

This week we discuss a new clever and disheartening abuse of our browsers’ handy-dandy username and password autofill, some recent and frantic scurrying around by many OS kernel developers, a just-released Mac OS zero-day allowing full local system compromise, another massively popular router falls to the Io T botnets, even high-quality Io T devices have problems, the evolution of adblocking and countermeasures, an important update for Mozilla’s Thunderbird, a bit of miscellany, listener feedback, and an update on the NSA’s possible intervention into secure encryption standards.

This week we examine how Estonia handled the Infineon crypto bug; two additional consequences of the pressure to maliciously mine cryptocurrency; zero-day exploits in the popular v Bulletin forum system; Mozilla in the doghouse over “Mr.

Then we’re going to take a look at BGP, another creaky yet crucial – and vulnerable – protocol that glues the global Internet together.

This week we discuss the details behind the “USB/JTAG takeover” of Intel’s Management Engine, a rare Project Zero discovery, Microsoft’s well-meaning but ill-tested Io T security project, troubles with EV certs, various cryptocurrency woes, a clever DNS spoofing detection system, a terrific guide to setting up the Edge Router X for network segmentation, last week’s emergency out-of-cycle patch from Microsoft, a mitigated vulnerability in Apple’s Home Kit, Valve’s ending of Bitcoin for Steam purchases, finally some REALLY GOOD news in the elusive quest for encrypted email, a bit of miscellany, some closing-the-loop feedback with our listeners, and a look at the security sacrifice Apple made in the name of convenience and what it means.

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