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"This is a particularly serious one that involved a pretty serious fact pattern," Parsons said.

The man, now in his 40s, has reached a settlement in a civil suit against the Newfoundland and Labrador government for negligence."Our belief is that [the social worker] was grooming [John Doe] for the eventual sexual exploitation that took place." Court documents allege the social worker drove John Doe around in his sports car and developed a level of trust with him."Under the guise of getting something at his home, the social worker lured the applicant to the social worker's basement apartment, where the applicant was subjected to sexual assaults by the social worker," the documents read.Moore said the abuse has had a "lifelong, serious impact" on John Doe."My client has PTSD, he has major depressive disorder, he has a social anxiety disorder, he has been deeply wounded by this, and it has affected many, many areas of his life," she said."The acknowledgement from government in settling it is always really important for my clients," she said.

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"There is evidence to suggest that the social worker's supervisor was concerned that the social worker was sexually abusing children," the documents state.

Moore told CBC News she had spoken with the social worker's supervisor.

John Doe's statement of claim, which was filed in 2016, alleges the province was negligent and "failed to take reasonable or any steps to perform its duties of care to the plaintiff." It alleges government should have been aware that John Doe would have been exposed to the risk of sexual abuse, and that the social worker's qualifications were never investigated, evaluated, or monitored, and his lack of qualifications was overlooked or ignored.

According to court documents, the social worker was fired from his job in 1988 for misappropriating funds.

"He had diverted government money to a young male, that the male was not entitled to," Moore said.