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The default convention is using different folders: This plugin only works for Kotlin files so it is recommended to keep Kotlin and Java files separate (if it's the case that the same project contains Java files).As with targeting the JVM, if not using the default convention, we need to specify the source folder using In addition to the output Java Script file, the plugin by default creates an additional JS file with binary descriptors.

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The kapt annotation processing tasks are not cached by default since annotation processors run arbitrary code that may not necessarily transform the task inputs into the outputs, might access and modify the files that are not tracked by Gradle etc.As part of server and storage changes, you may find that you’ve got obsolete bookmarks stored in Connect to Server‘s Favorite Servers: list.This is usually an inconvenience more than anything else, but I wanted to see if I could script a fix in the aftermath of a couple of shares moving from one server to another at work.If you answered yes to any of these questions, leave a comment below! If this post got you thinking or if you have a great idea to share with the community, consider writing a guest post for Deploy Happiness!You can read more about guest posting and the eternal glory that you will obtain here.Before bounding off to the next project, you will need to setup a check to ensure this system doesn’t break down over time.

Create a simple calendar reminder to replace any outdated BIOS versions in your store.

should be literal in this block, and it cannot be applied from another build script.

Kotlin sources can be mixed with Java sources in the same folder, or in different folders.

There are several ways to override the default setting: Note, that the first build won't be incremental.

Coroutines support is an experimental feature in Kotlin 1.2, so the Kotlin compiler reports a warning when you use coroutines in your project.

Download the latest BIOS version and rename the file to Finally, create a blank file or text document in that subfolder and name it with the current BIOS version. Just below the configure task, add a new Run Command Line task. Set the start in to: Z:\Applications\BIOS Updates\%MODEL%\ Finally, select the Options tabs and select Continue on error. This means that you can have your Task run on certain makes or models. If you would like to exclude certain models, you can use this WMI query: Regular Maintenance Congratulations!