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In April 2011 alone, 25 million unique users around the world accessed an online dating site, according to one industry report. The dating site Christian Mingle saw three million new members in 2012.Sites for every possible Christian subgroup, from Sovereign Grace Singles to Menno Meet, have popped up like mushrooms.

The benefits of earning your BA in Communication online at SNHU include: The online bachelor's degree in communication and new media will expose you to many areas of the field, including business communication, graphic design and public relations, making you an expert generator of online "buzz" - a value to any organization. Typical career paths include public relations, journalism, corporate communications, advertising and speechwriting.Students study the major figures in this field as well as organizations, their behavior, and the relationships between organizations and their publics.This course is an introduction to the principles and practices of graphic design.My research examines how people understand and relate to one another when interacting via communication technologies (online dating, social network sites, blogs, etc.).I focus on the impact of communication technologies on relational processes such as: Impression management and impression formation Deception and trust Self-worth, self-esteem and emotional well-being Interpersonal attraction and relationship development I am also interested in how language is produced and interpreted in computer-mediated contexts, especially as it relates to self-presenters' deceptiveness and perceived trustworthiness.Employment within new media-related fields is expected to grow much faster than average for most occupations, according to the U. Both public relations specialists and advertising, promotions and marketing managers should see 9 percent employment growth through 2026.* The online bachelor’s degree in communication and new media gives you a foundation in mass communication, public speaking, journalism, print media and social media.

The new media concentration courses cover topics such as digital communication, new media technologies and social media marketing.Students are introduced through lecture, demonstration and hands-on computer work to the basic elements of graphic visual communication.Adobe Illustrator is used as a primary tool in exploring visual perception through a variety of creative exercises that familiarize the student with basic visual principles such as figure/ground manipulation, shape grouping, letterform shape creation, and grid and system creation.Formal elements of graphic design such as line, shape, color, texture, pattern, balance, symmetry, rhythm, space and unity are thoroughly explored by example and hands-on computer exercises; special topics included are: designing with type, layout strategies, logo design, symbol and pictogram development and stationery systems.This writing practicum introduces students to writing for print and electronic media under deadline.Online dating usually begins with a flurry of e-mail messages, each more intimate than the last.

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