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This festival would not have come together if we hadn’t reached out to others who were passionate about our mission.

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One such artist is Allison Brzezinski, an arts administrator and choreographer who’s teaming up with 50 musicians, visual artists, comedians, filmmakers, dancers, and actors to launch Nasty Women Unite Fest, a week-long arts festival with a focus on intersectional feminism.Most of all, I encourage artists to talk to people.Talk to everyone you can, learn all about what they are doing, and don’t be afraid to start conversations.So I think, in a way, I have always been a Nasty Woman, trying to create a crack in the stereotypical infrastructure of how society views me and others like me. Dance, where I choreographed pieces all about this challenge.Through that company, I launched Ch Eck Us Ou T Dance Festival, which celebrated female choreographers in the interest of creating a community.“Nasty Woman.” Every feminist in Brokelandia remembers where she was when Donald Trump spat those words at Hillary Clinton during debate season. Through the pain of the election results and the joy of the Women’s March, many of us drew strength from these words – as “Nasty Women”, we had the chance to feel like warriors, equipped to fight an administration that wanted to tear us down.

But as we approach the 100th day of 45’s presidency and he shows no signs of slowing his despicable roll, it’s clear that we have more work to do.But that just means we will have to include them next time; this is just the first year of NWUF, and we plan to run the festival for many years to come. Don’t worry about what it is or where it is going to be seen or shown – just start. Once you do that, you can create your own opportunities. Working with collaborators makes all the difference.What advice would you offer to artists who want to make a difference? A support system will enrich your work, and it’ll make it easier to find the right outlet for sharing it.Why did you consider it important to include multiple types of artistic expression?I am a choreographer, performance artist and producer, and I’ve had lots of opportunities to work with artists from various mediums in many capacities.I had a great time with Ch Eck Us Ou T Dance Festival; however, now that the world’s shifting in such a dramatic way, I felt I needed to go beyond celebrating “female choreographers”.

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