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In our current Lumberjack Movement - with every guy left and right growing a beard or a manbun - these men were simply not made for a woman who likes a smooth, shaven, hair-free chest. Sure, mom, dad, sister, and brother are all family to an Israeli man, but so are his friends: you are close friends with an Israeli - you are his family.

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There’s just enough of a language barrier for you to fully communicate, but not understand certain little things.What makes a man “good in bed" isn’t a big dick, or lots of notches on his belt - it is confidence, comfortableness, openness, and curiosity.Israeli men are incredibly comfortable with their sexuality - actually, I may have to go as far as to say one of the most comfortable in the world.Misusing words and phrases are part of their common speaking errors.And how is it not the silliest thing in the world when they say things like, “now we make picture," or “duck skin," when trying to explain that they have goosebumps.The tena'im are read, agreed upon and signed by representative of the groom and a representative of the bride.

Since it is considered to be a terrible breach to break this contract, in recent days, it has become normal to sign this contract right before the chuppah, or wedding.

With these arrangements, the man and woman formalize their commitments to one another at an agreed date and time.

While quite prevalent in many communities, tena'im are not required by Jewish law, but have become a strong custom in some communities.

Israeli men are not made for the modern day feminist; they'll give you a taste of old school chivalry. If you haven’t been lucky enough to have experienced an Israeli yourself, you will certainly want to after reading these reasons: Israeli men have been truly blessed with the gift of hair: head hair, facial hair, chest hair.

I have honestly considered writing a letter of disapproval to the Israeli government for making their men shave their heads in the army.

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