Who is connor paolo dating

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I don’t know if it’s the women being lazy and not wanting to go or if it was Vivid not paying their way.They’re your contract girls and you should pay their way the way you & Vivid staff are flown in when a convention or party is happening.

I never understood why anyone would get into the entertainment industry but do everything to not be famous.

Why allow the rich kids to make even more money when real porn stars never see that kind of money?

Why not invest the money in your own contract girls making them into stars instead of these “celebrities” that don’t even know how to have sex on camera?

Steve had no faith in his own stars and wonders why many of them left on their own.

Howard says it’s very expensive to have contract girls.

Part of the blame also falls on the contract girls.

You should invest in a good publicist that will help you take full advantage of all the opportunities that are out there that could make you a lot of money.

Steve Hirsch is so consumed with these boring, lame “celebrity” sex tapes that many eventually pirate from the tube sites. Why allow these women to make even more money and get even more fame AND allow them to play victim blaming an ex-boyfriend when it was them that brokered the entire deal?

Why allow them to walk away with millions while blaming porn for all their problems?

If I ran a porn company, you better believe every contract girl I had would attend everything I tell them to attend.

Why put out a new product and not have the women there promoting it for you?

But then later says sales are way up from the year before.

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