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There are also apartment that are close to the major roads.As well, there is a range of houses in Edmonton, and you can get anything from one bedroom houses.

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You can choose to start from Downtown Edmonton or Central Edmonton.Articulate and congenial, Luis will tell you that being a boxer was always his ambition since his early childhood.“When I was 7 or 8, I used to stand in front of mirrors and mimic the boxers I would see on TV,� he remembers.If you enjoy living close to the city market, you are also in luck.Besides, there is reliable public transportation that comprises of the rail transit, air travel and good roads.The Downtown area accommodates those who are there for the festivals that take place in the theatres and music halls. If you want a view along the North Saskatchewan River Valley, then Downtown is the place to look.

You can further opt to stay close to the Victoria Golf Course or Royal Glenora Club.

There are popular apartments for rent Edmonton in the Downtown areas such as Oliver, Queen Mary Park, Arts District and Churchill Square, Mc Cauley, Rossdale, Jasper Avenue, Cloverdale and Warehouse District.

Edmonton has its charms and each location can be strategic depending on the reason you are there.

Read more by Dave Spencer / Fight News Canada While the result of last Saturday’s middleweight battle between David Lemieux and Joachim Alcine may be open to some debate, one clear winner on the night was promoter Yvon Michel who got himself 50% of a top-ten fighter.

Michel battled with Alcine during fight-week about their past relationship, but ended up with half of the fighter from Lou Di Bella by virtue of the former world champ’s surprising win versus Alcine.

Furthermore, there are low rise and high rise apartments.